Mezinárodní a multikulturní tým





Čerpáme z našich silných multikulturních profesních zkušeností. Kurzy mohou být prováděny v českém, anglickém


a francouzském jazyce.





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Bara Hajna

I dream of better future and want to help people dream of better future too; so that we can break boundaries, explore, fly higher, jump further, dream bigger, do better…

Bara has a unique ability to help people bring their dreams to life. Managers seek out her insight, common sense, optimism and passion in order to free themselves from old models of thinking and design a more purpose-driven future for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. more about Bara


Olivier Bauduin

I am focused on helping leaders, teams & organisations be great at what they do...

Olivier believes that when we meaningfully connect with and inspire one another, we rise well beyond what we could do alone.

Specializing in strategic communication and leadership, Olivier is fascinated by human behaviour and has built a career learning and sharing his insights with leading teams and organizations.   more about Olivier


Helena Kubovska-Rohanova

My aim is to create unique connection with people by sharing & creating meaningful ideas that impact and enrich our lives...

Helena's specialties include existential coaching & existential analysis, situational leadership, emotional intelligence, deep listening skills, team building and empowerment. One of her coaching niches includes working with people to help them forge strong connections with themselves and their environment. more about Helena


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