Dedicated HR Professionals + New Technologies = Human Capital smart-Management

Company's Human Capital is the key to achieve goals, develop and remain innovative. That's why we created Outsourcing Solutions bringing our HR expertise, retail experience and new technologies. smart-HR is a comprehensive and flexible solution for managing your company HR needs. That means you will get the right amount of support to manage your HR administration, allowing you and your employees to focus on what is the most valuable to your company future. Outsourcing solutions made for retailers with any team sizes as small as less than 10 employees to more employees.

Outsourcing Solutions




smart-HR package includes


  • New Employee registration. We make sure that all employee personal data are collected, registered and valid. This will be used for the contract templates automatic completion.
  • Contract signature & contract registration.
  • After 1 month the employee will receive with MindBox app on his/her mobile phone, an interactive feedback questionnaire.


  • Contract updates follow-up (salary, working hours…). This usual time-consuming tasks will be simplified. We will always have up-to-date status available.
  • Contract changes will be automatically reflected in the payroll.
  • Holidays follow-up /Sick leaves – making payroll data always updated.
  • Shift management. Our very friendly user shift management will allow managers to focus on their core activities.


  • Employee payslip.
  • HR reporting per cost center (shift, employee list, working hours..).
  • Payrolls - we can connect to exisiting payroll system used by our clients , or alternatively we have attractive offer for our client for payroll with our partner e-consulting s.r.o. .


Business operations call for the right HR services. That's why our smartHR using SAAS solution Tria allows our clients to save*:

  • 58% time on shift planning
  • 71% time on HR administration
  • 67% time on payroll processing

*results from concrete case study by an international brand with 1 558 employees - 23 stores - Savings made in 2019: 857 hours/month for shift planning /184 hours/month for employees admin management / 67%/month in process of payrolls And all that 100% paper-less.



Additional Outsourcing Solutions

Discover our 3 micro-learning Modules, all made to improve your people, team and your organisation wellbeing.

  • Wellbeing 3-modules package.
  • Mindfullness 1 module package.
  • Emotional Intelligence.

or create and manage your own learning content...

Our app. MindBox is a unique cloud platform which allows creating micro learning in 3D environment on smartphone/mobile devices. Combination of features of Learning Management System, training/communication content creation and analytics tools to ensure fast deployment within companies.

We focus on:

  • Expertise and experience.
  • Positions: CEO/ HR / Marketing / CFO / E-Commerce / Sales / Business development / Procurement / and more...
  • Different hiring approaches including headhunting by Sui°Generis.


Business Coaching fosters effectiveness of individuals and teams within the corporate environment. From our partner BE*GREAT: Team coaching session/ Executive coaching one-to-one session