Our vision is to help great people & organizations connect so, together, we can create a better workplace

As a transformational Human Resource Consultancy Group our focus is


on understanding individual behaviours and attitudes, and their impact on personal and business success. 


Using this understanding, our passion is to help people & companies develop strong self-awareness,


and interpersonal skills that provide direction and focus to bring out the absolute best


in building strong relationships with team members and drive greater results for the company.



For the last five years we have facilitated and inspired transformational changes


with hundreds of people and companies - in recruitment, executive search, training and coaching


- to improve performance, and accelerate change in personal and organizational lives (or eco-systems).

We work with you to strategically build a stronger organization where leaders and team members take ownership of their roles and responsibilities that accelerate change and drive greater performance and productivity including the following focus:

  • Leadership and Culture Assessments
  • Amplifying Vision to Results
  • Creating Trust and Accountability
  • Expanding Respect and Appreciation
  • Mastering Motivation
  • Developing Purpose and Meaning
  • Building Executive Presence


Find and on-board great people

Leaders are confident

Strong team relationships

Solve challenges faster

Clear decision-making

Strengthen communication

Improve performance

Achieve recognition and contribute to the company’s success

Build stronger team relationships

Develop self-trust

Reduce/stop negative behaviour


Retail Focus

Our motivation and everyday passion is to connect the employees with the retailers for a better and meaningful working experience.

Our expertise covers:

  • Recruitment
  • Training

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Training & Coaching focus

Our aim is to inspire and enable people be great at who they are and what they do. Our expertise covers:

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • MBTI
  • Leadership

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Digital Focus

MindBox VR is a modern platform for creating simulation-based training using new technology as virtual reality and speech recognition to help individuals to learn faster and more effectively.

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