Development Coaching

Examples of topics :

  • To engage and drive team
  • To define a vision and a strategy
  • To optimize impact and influence
  • To innovate by creating a space for brainstorming
  • To prioritize and manage time efficiently
  • To recognize oneself better
  • To succeed in taking a new position
  • To manage ones energy in the long run

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Coaching strengthens strategic intelligence by aligning rational, emotional, intuitive, and relational intelligence.
  • Methodology and steps: to schedule 1.5 to 2 hour sessions every three weeks that ensure active engagement, experimentation, and learning.



Strategic  Coaching

Strategic coaching helps Managers & Leaders to streamline their focus and integrate the various facets of their strategy into their overall vision and practice.

  • To follow through on a strategy deployment.
  • To outline change resistances.
  • To mobilize the right key players and teams to achieve success.
  • To rise team's awareness on performance issues.
  • To align aspirations and ambitions. 
  • To optimize team's performance.



By giving a coaching gift, you can help someone who needs guidance or inspiration to move forward.

Our coaches will ensure that this person will get the professional support she/he needs to have. 

Help someone you care about! 

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