How it works?

Sui°Generis is designed to help busy leaders advance their careers, track their goals and stay visible to the right recruiters.

Whether you are looking to find a top management opportunity, become a creative leader or move up to the next level in your career, Sui°Generis can guide you through the process and provide you with the tools to reach success - however you define it.

Advance your career with our Leadership Career Strategy Package we provide Sui°Generis members with additional tools and resources. These resources are specifically focused on career advancement and increasing your leadership talent.

As an executive, your success depends on the implementation of a highly-optimized career strategy


and increasing your visibility to the right executive recruiters.



The Leadership Career Strategy Package will provide you with one hour of one-to-one support


from our executive career coach


to help you define your key professional challenges and how to overcome them to gain a new job


and/or a more satisfying career.


This package includes:


  • A career diagnostic


  • A career strategy advisory



Choose here your executive career Coach