1. What age do you feel right now and why?

Eternal, I don´t feel ageing

2. Which book are you reading now?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

3. What are your top 3 favourite books and why?

Le petit prince- very poetic and emotional, iconic , influenced my childhood and adolescent period Jim Collins- Good to great- changed my vision on business, many points that made me think and challenged me for improvement Ivan Klíma- Soudce z milosti, I wanted to put some Czech book, I ´ve choosen this book as communistic era is our part of history which procures me emotions and I think it is more than important to openly think about and repeat ourselves this part of our history as liberty is the most important possession we have, furthermore this book influenced me personally in my adolescent age.

4. What is your definition of elegance?

High level of behaviour, full of moral principles , humanity but used in a very light and authentic way

5. What are you the most passionate about?

My team

6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Portugal, Lisabon- my actual traveller point to go

7. If you could only keep 3 possessions, what would they be?

Earrings after my grandmother who was always full of energy and positive life attitude, my first (and last) Dior bag to feel like a woman, my surface pro to stay connected and work.

8. What is your philosophy towards your work, or role, or life?

Be positive, trust people, trust yourself, Enjoy, create, love, live.

9. What do you worry about, and why?

Not to have enough time to be able to do everything I want to do.

10. Who has inspired you in your life and why?

My grandmother, positive at every second of her life, having sparkling eyes full of life passion all the time, even in hospital

11. What was one of your most crucial moments in life?

I don´t have any crucial moment... Every day brings many possibilities to make decisions and to enjoy what we have.

12. If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be?

I enjoy being witness of my present life.

13. What are the 3 things you need, to be successful in your job, or role?

Authenticity, openness, trust in people.

14. Is there a skill you would like to learn and why?

To be more patient…it prevents me to sleep some time and makes me less friends.

15. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

About price making. Don´t ask how much it cost you…try to find how much your client is willing to pay.

16. What does a perfect day look like to you?

Today…..No tasks, no responsabilities, no people.

17. What cheers you up?

My teams' successes.

18. How do you define success and how do you measure it?

To make progress, to go out of ones comfort zone and succeed to overcome your fears.

19. What part of your job would people find most surprising?

How analytical and systematical is the process of creation...

20. What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired?

Alcohol, sleep, make love.

21. In which order (most important 1st) would you classify these 4 A-words: Accuracy, Acceptance, Achievement and Appreciation.

Achievement, Appreciation, Acceptance and Accuracy

22. How would you define leadership?

Listen to people, analyse, be modest, be bold, make decision, make example