« Talent & Coach »





The Solution for Talent Coaching




With « Talent & Coach », offer the best of flexible coaching solutions to your talents!

Benefits for the Talent & for the Company:

  • A tool easy to use and to pilot.
  • Senior certified coaches easily reachable (face-to-face, Skype or telephone sessions).
  • An efficient way to provide punctual coaching sessions to anyone anywhere.
  • A talent development and retention tool convenient to distribute coaching hours to a large number of employees.
  • A statement of autonomy and trust addressed to the talents for their self-development.
  • Management of coaching sessions made simple for the company and the talents.
  • An « on the go » coaching solution that can also be plugged to existing leadership programs.
  • A scheduling tool designed to simplify the coachees’ experience.

A tool easy-to-use and to pilot.

  • Your company buys Talent & Coach coaching sessions by the hour.
  • You receive a package of coaching hours from your company as part of a group or individual coaching programme.
  • You decide on the theme of your coaching sessions and choose your coach.
  • Using the proposed coaching themes, you choose the coach who best matches your needs and your criteria.
  • You schedule your coaching sessions directly with the coach.
  • You schedule your coaching sessions using the coach’s calendar. The coach confirms his/her availability and you’re ready to go!
  • You can follow your coaching sessions by telephone or via a video conferencing solution.



By giving a coaching gift, you can help someone who needs guidance or inspiration to move forward.

Our coaches will ensure that this person will get the professional support she/he needs to have. 

Help someone you care about! 

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